B S K I alias BeatsbyBSKI

BSKI started out doing street team promotion at the age of 16 in 1996 for record labels and marketing companies such as Bad Boy, Razor Sharp, Pallas Records, Stress Entertainment, Ave.B Marketing just to name a few. “In High School since we were broke it was all about free clothes, free music, and free food. At that time it was just cool being around the labels seeing how shit was really ran. We would also go to FaceL.E.S.’s house out in L.E.S and start to mess with old records on his sampler with some break beats. I remember I would sample anything with his Gemini DS 1224 and mix it with a break beat then chop the samples in real time by switching banks while the break beat was playing on the turntable and the cassette was recording”. NO MPC and NO PROTOOLS!!!


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