Dan Graciano


Born and raised in the heart and soul of New York City, Dan Graciano formerly WOLF MUGGZ “DAT NATURAL BORN HUSTLER” is bringing to the game what is much needed. His beats are filled with eerie tunes, catchy melodies and bass thumps that are hard enough to shock vital signs back into this dying genre called HIP-HOP. Born April 9, 1984 in Manhattan’s Lower East Side neighborhood once called Alphabet City, Wolf Muggz was no stranger to music. In 2008, Dan Graciano would get a full scholarship and enroll into SAE Institute of Technology. He became an Alumni in 2009. From then on end, Dan Graciano worked freelance and started generating a name for himself. While performing production and engineering for other genres so not to dub himself a HIP-HOP producer. In early 2010, Dan Graciano linked up with Fran Cathcart, Co-owner of EASTSIDE SOUNDS studios NYC Lower East Side. It was its first professional recording studio, est. 1972. Fran was also the owner of AUTOMATIK MUSIK, who Dan met through his mentor Roberto Iadeluca. Dan has working with many people in the industry from majors and all across the indie markets. In 2015 Dan and a few Friends, colleagues, and former coworkers decided to put together their own brand and open up a recording studio. The Beat Renaissance

Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Prince, James Brown, Quincy Jones, The Beatles, D’Angelo, Mario Winans, Tricky Stewart, Ryan Leslie, Rakim, Slick Rick, KOOL G RAP, Big Pun, DMX, Joe Budden, Marco Polo, Dream, Daft punk, Gorillaz, Premier

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