“Growing up in the Lower East Side your are exposed to a lot of different styles of music, Its hard not to have that show in your music.” As a youth in the Lower East Side, FaceL.E.S. grew up in an era when Hip-Hop was taking off. growing up Beat Boxing and Break Dancing was his first fascination with music. “I remember my brother and our friends from my building in my small ass living room practicing some moves. I would stand on the washing machine in the kitchen Beat Boxing while they were pop lockin’ and joking around.” Music was always around FaceL.E.S., his parents listen to all styles of music. From Salsa to Country, Old Soul to Folk Music.

In his elementary school years he was in the school band. During his Junior High School years he wasn’t doing much with music, until he went to High School. There he would meet he soon to be production partner B-Ski. Learning how to DJ from his friends and hanging out at Record Labels after High School was a daily routine for FaceL.E.S. DJing was not his only passion. “My friends in High School also showed me how to make beats, It was the best thing in the world to me. Making my own music, and actually having fun doing it.” Armed with a Gemini DS 1224 , a set of turntables, a cassette deck and a boom box, FaceL.E.S. would start his hobby of making beats. “I would play the sample from the 1224 over some break beats and record it onto tape, then I would play that same tape thru my boom box while I was adding more samples and recording that onto another tape. I aint have no money for a 8 track recorder so I had to make due with what I had.”

After High School FaceL.E.S. went away to College where he continued to DJ and make beats. After College FaceL.E.S. came back home and re linked with his HS partner B-Ski and started their own production crew with the addition of B-Ski’s cousin Bluekojak. “B-Ski and I used to talk bout doing this full time since High School, I happy we finally got the chance to do, and never gave up”

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