Gabe Robles


Work In Progess
TBR x Sadat X – Untitled EP (Recording and Mix Engineer/Co-Producer)
Nay Nillz feat Sin Tha Saint “Bi Polar” (Recording and Mix Engineer)
TBR x Whisky – “Back To Square One EP” (Executive Producer/Recording and Mix Engineer)
Stylez Fresh, Young Freak & Sin, Max – “Hood Dreams Mixtape” (Recording and Mix Engineer)
Brooklyn Poe – “Forever Love” (Recording Engineer)
Brooklyn Poe – “Kirk Franklin feat. Brooklyn Poe I Smile” (Recording Engineer)
Ree-Up – “The Ree-Mix” (Mastering Engineer)
Ree-Up – “The Compilation” (Mastering Engineer)
Ree-Up – “Say Hello To The Bad Guy” (Mastering Engineer)
Biracial Bastard – “At Peace” (Engineer/Producer – (We Smokin’ / Rodney King))
Whisky – “Guerriero Della Notte” (Engineer)
Ty & Biracial Bastard – “Take It In Blood 2012 Mixtape” (Engineer)
Biracial Bastard – “Brand Neu(EP Version)” (Engineer)
Tony Matterhorn – “We Came” (Mix Engineer/Arrangement)
Wolf Muggz – “PunchLine Gorilla” (Engineer)
Musiq(Soulchild) – “MusiqInTheMagiq” (Assistant)
MeKobane feat. Michelle Tabot – “Big Stars” (Engineer)
Dysfunkshunal Familee – “Making Moves” (Engineer)

Work Experience

The Beat Renaissance Studio
Recording-Mixing Engineer/Producer
September 2004 – Present

NYC Media
Post Production Intern
September 2010 – January 2011

Platinum Sound Recording Studios
Audio Engineering Intern
September 2009 – May 2010

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